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We can help retirement communities and different generations connect with the world around them. We deliver outstanding ICT products and services that enable older generations to keep up with news and events, continue their passionate support for their local rugby club or stay connected with their grand kids and loved-ones. Our creative and economical solutions are effective and easy to use for staff, caregivers and residence alike – helping to connect generations.

Isometric Solutions are all about connecting. Working with schools is a huge part of what we do but now we have the opportunity to bring the two together!

Through our highly skilled and experienced team of IT consultants and professionals we are able to integrate not only technology into your village smoothly and efficiently but also bring your community together through better communication .

Isometric Solutions IT Support Service List

Services we offer:

  • Consultancy, Design & Installation of new equipment
  • Customised Training – both to residence and staff (by kids or adults)
  • Applications taylored for your needs
  • Connecting Villages with local schools
  • Sponsorship

Our engineers are fully certified across a number of platforms allowing us to offer industry leading IT managed support services.

All enquiries regarding services support and sales we can be reached at the following number: 0508 825 501